2013 Tech Page

Its a high tech Santa shop.  While the children visit Santa remotely operates the camera.  Then the parents parents choose the images to print.  While the printer is running some children get interest in the tech while others would rather add to their list.

The cameras are located in the corner about as far as they can be from the subject in this layout.  The light pole is mounted on a square roll around base which is stable and relatively compact.  The flash is a Photogenic PowerLight 600 (about 20 or so years old) which fires into a 60 inch Photek SoftLiter which softens the light and keeps it more or less even from the front of the sleigh to the background (about 8 feet).  In front of the light stand is a four foot high wooden crate here covered with a red blanket.

Above the monitor are two Nikon D5100s.  THe one on the left feeds a live image through the Mac Mini (located in the red crate) via the Smart Shooter app to the old 23 inch Apple Cinema Display.  Both the children & Santa can see them selves on in the monitor.  THe D5100 on the right is for the actual photograph & feeds through a 25 foot amplified USB cable which runs up the lamp pole and along the ceiling in the garland to the sleigh.

The gift box wrapped in red & white snow paper sitting on top of the crate is actually another crate.  It has a Bogen side arm bolted to the top which securely mounts the two D5100s.  That's an original iPad mounted on the Bogen flex arm.  Santa Clause 2 is currently playing but it can also play Christmas music through the red JawBone JamBox speaker.  THe white mouse in front of the JamBox is an Apple USB mouse which controls the Mac Mini. (There is also a USB KeyBoard out of the way in the crate but it is seldom needed.)

A closer view of the 2 Nikon D5100s . . . . 

Above is the front of the sleigh with this years decorations.  Above the polar bear's head is a 13 inch MacBook Air.  (When sitting in the sleigh this is under Santa's right hand.)  The USB cable from the second D5100 feeds into the Air's powered USB port.  Behind the Air is a 27 inch Cinema Display sitting on a swiveling posing stool so it can be angled for Santa &/or the parents.

This closer view shows the Eposn 1420 behind the MacBook Air.  They both sit on a low table which keeps them out of the photos but allows Santa to reach them from the sleigh.  The MacBook Air screen shows the Aperture Selections while the Cinema Display shows the current selection.

This year the D5100 RAW image file is tethered to the MacBook Air via Aperture via default settings.  The RAW/Aperture Processed image is dropped directly in a Pages layout & printed from Pages.  The new Epson Artisan 1430 gets along fine with the Aperture default settings & no further processing is needed.  (Last year while still using the Epson 1800 each image needed at least a strong black point correction.)