Digital Historica - Camera List

Digital Historica

This Digital Historica now dates back over the past 13 years.  In the digital age cameras come & go along with the programs which process their files.  When new, these files were processed with Nikon Capture, Kodak Photo Desk, as well as Adobe's Camera Raw before printing.  Now there is quite a bit less printing as images are viewed on one screen or another. The image files shown on this site are newly processed with Aperture 3. Each of the cameras used over the past 13 years have their own positives & negatives.  This sojourn will explore each camera randomly.

In this case DIGITAL HISTORICA begins back in 1999, images will be introduced by date including the following cameras: 

  • Nikon D1 [image files date: 000420 thru 001010]
  • Fuji S1 [image files date: 001004 thru 001022]
  • Kodak DCS660 [image files date:  001023 thru 010816]
  • Kodak DCS760 [image files date: 001224 thru 011231]
  • Kodak DCS460ir [image files date:  thru ]
  • Nikon D100 [image files date: 030114 thru 040318]
  • Canon 10D [image files date: 040219 thru 060921]
  • Canon 1D mark II [image files date: 040519 thru 060904]
  • Canon XSi [image files date: 040307 thru 080718]
  • Canon XTi [image files date: 061005 thru 091008]
  • Canon S90 [image files date: 090504 thru 100704]
  • Lumix G2 [image files date: 100701 thru 111114]
  • Lumix G3 [image files date: 111216 thru 120520]
  • Nikon D5100 [image files date: 121201 thru 130730 & current]
  • Nikon D300 [image files date: 130406 thru 130926]
  • Nikon D5300 [image files date: 131214 thru current]