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130930 fr Nikon D100 030126

A few weeks ago when first working on images for this blog the thought process was one image at a time. Some times an image would come to mind & the file would be sought while other times an image file would stand out while browsing through Aperture. Then the thought process stuck with a group of images made with one camera (specifically the Panasonic Lumix G2). Yesterday, a new group popped up involving a single camera, lens, subject combination. This group contains 14 images which will be added over the next two weeks.  

This group was made in an antique mall which contained many interesting subjects under mixed light sources which were often in deep shadows. The dSLR used was the then new Nikon D100. The lens was the 85mm f/1.4 D-IF Nikkor which may or may not have been used with a Canon 500D closeup lens. (At this point it is impossible to tell if the home made star diffuser was used or not.). ISO was often cranked up & be listed with each image.

All (most?) images were made at f/1.4. This combined with the close distances give little to no depth-of-field. At times the focus point appears to be at a point other than the one expected by the eye. At other times the focus point may seem non existant & in need of search. 

This set of images offers true meditation for the wondering eye. Either singly or in multiples.

Enough of a intro . . . . . . .

The first image offered is probably the largest object in the group. Object rather than subject? Yes, the object is a chair while the subject is wood or grain or texture or light or even focus itself. Although the camera data indicates a center focus point the eye wonders over several points which are pleasantly focus. The eye seems to rest on each as it ponders over the frame. Tech data: ISO 1250 for 1/100 @ f1.4.  This file needed Temp & Tint White Balance adjustment in Aperture 3.